Commonly asked questions (and answers) about Glen Everhart...




Q)  "What is included in your show?"

A)  Besides the actual performance, I provide my own lights and p.a. system, which you are welcome to use for any speeches or awards that might be a part of your evening.  I take great pride in how my stage looks, and will have the whole thing set up before your guests arrive whenever possible.


Q)  "How long is your corporate show?"

A)  A typical stage show lasts 45 to 60 minutes.  That is about as long as any audience will sit still and be "captive" after a long day of meetings, social hour, dinner, awards, etc. 


Q)  "What other kinds of shows do you offer?"

A)  I can play up to four forty minute sets of fun, well-known songs for listening, singing along, or dancing.  It works great for outdoor barbeques and happy hour receptions where people might be eating, drinking, and conversing while they listen with "one ear"!


Q) "How far do you travel?"

A)  As far away as your event!