Everything you ever wanted to know about Glen Everhart ...
and a few other things, too!

So, where do I start...the beginning, I guess. I'm a Minnesotan, born and raised.  I grew up in Maplewood, a suburb outside St. Paul. My Dad was an employee of the St. Paul Pioneer Press for over forty years. My mom was the cook at Edgerton Elementary school, which I attended through sixth grade.  I am the fifth of six kids.  I had a best friend down the block, and together we learned how to fish, play ball, ride (and crash) bikes, and many other things I probably  shouldn't tell you about.  It was the kind of childhood my wife and I are trying to provide for our own kids.

My musical life started on the swing set in the back yard when I was five years old singing the Beatles songs we heard on the radio ("Eight Day Louise" was my favorite). "Run Charlie Run" and "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky" were big, too, until my parents put a stop to that song (but they wouldn't explain why!).  When I was seven the Sunday school teacher heard me sing and made me sing a solo in the church program, which led to duets with my sister (while I strummed the three chords I knew on the ukulele) when I was ten.  Then, in junior high, I discovered that girls liked guys who could sing, so I began to take it more seriously.  Choir was the greatest thing that ever happened to me...it gave me my friends, my love for music, and an identity.  By the time I finished high school, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a singer.  I started teaching myself the guitar when I was fifteen, and started performing with it (rather poorly) six months later.

When I went to college at St. Cloud State University in the fall of 1979,  I saw other singer guitarists playing in local clubs and coffeehouses.  It looked easier and more fun than washing dishes, so I learned enough songs to get hired and play the St. Cloud "circuit".  I did that for five years while I earned my bachelor of science degree in K-12 Vocal Music Education, then took a job in the little town of Cold Spring as the elementary music teacher. 

My girlfriend (now wife) was still in school at SCSU, and when she graduated in 1987, we both moved to Minneapolis.  After flailing around for a few months (I was determined never to work as anything other than a musician again), I got a job at the Metrodome Holiday Inn in Minneapolis playing piano and guitar five night a week.  That lasted two years, and after my marriage to Michelle in 1989, I hooked up with a former college friend named Ted Fyder, and we became an acoustic duo together under the name "Fyder and Everhart".  We worked together for ten years, playing colleges, small clubs, and just about every other kind of gig imaginable.  We made three CD's together, one that is still sold in gift shops throughout Minnesota called "Goin' Up North".  In 1993, Gary Berg of G.L. Berg Entertainment began booking us in colleges, fairs, and corporate events.

When Ted left the duo in September of 1999, I put all my energy into creating the interactive, musical show I now perform all the time.  G.L. Berg Entertainment continues to book me exclusively.  I continue to crave the feeling of a guitar in my hands, a song in my heart, and a captive audience in front of me.  I make a living doing what I love to do the most...what more could I ask for?

In 2012 my agent Gary Berg introduced me to electric guitarist and singer Pat Balder and we formed the "Dueling Guitars" act SongBlast www.songblast.net. In 3 years we became the largest selling act on the roster, and SongBlast is my primary livlihood. My solo looping gigs keep me sharp in between SongBlast tours, and is a fun secondary musical venture that allows my friends to come and see my local performances.